”The Signal And The Noise”

The signal represents the truth, the noise represents what distracts you from the signal. 

 The amount of information is getting bigger every year. But the knowledge in that information is getting smaller, and it’s our fault!

Our brains have memory limit, which can be developed for better or worst… Filling it with useless information, marketing data, personal information about others (social media feed) is pointless. All that data is taking a lot of the space that could be used for the development of your brain and knowledge. It’s actually unhealthy.

Nowadays I force myself to turn off Social Media on my smartphone, instead of scrolling Facebook and Instagram, I read blogs and interesting subjects related to what I love! When there’s no internet, I read a book! This is what led me here, to the present, the need of writing and sharing insights about ways of living, ways of getting out of the noise that drastically makes you loose your creative power! 

The best way to evolve, is to limit the amount of that useless information we get everyday! Instead we should look for interesting new subjects, maybe buy a new book about Music Engineering, or the history of Music! Your mind will thank you, trust me.

This blog will serve as a information point, every article is based in science facts, articles, books but also my own personal opinion and life experiences. 

Hope this blog becomes the signal you needed to develop your music, your knowledge about the music industry and other subjects. 

Yours truly, 

Louie Cut 

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