“The Exposure Effect“

We make choices if we like something with our mind not with our senses, we gather information that shapes our opinions of things. Let me example you what I’m talking about: 

You are in a living room with an amazing hi-fi system! You will be presented with two records. If you see the records before you play them and you know the artist, your mind will be pre formatted with an opinion (good or bad) that you’ve created before by listening to the artist or by opinions you read on media feeds.

If you don’t know anything about the artist you will then have a blank page on your mind, and you will start your judgement free of pre conceived ideas.

Reaching Top 100 positions is important because that gives the artist some credit, some industry recognition. The listeners will realise they are not the only one liking the record.

Record labels normally have a tight marketing plan, they will have the song on the radios even if they have to pay for it. Musical quality and a great easy to recognise “hook” it’s nothing without the right exposure. 

Sometimes djs just don’t care about a certain artist or the style doesn’t fit their current playlists. But maybe if they did, with the right exposure certain tracks would definitely become a hit.

Exposure gives you visibility, the chance to impress and inspire people, the chance to be seen, the chance to make a popular song.

But exposure also gives you a lot of bad publicity, it will shape the vision that people has of your subject of work, depending on how your work reached the public eye. That’s called “Aesthetic Judgment”. 

People usually prefer what they see the most, so the choice on beauty is normally based on familiarity. And I call that the “Exposure Effect”.

There is a really funny explanation that comes back from our ancestors and it’s quite simple: If you recognise an animal or a plant, then it hasn’t killed you yet. 

By Louie Cut – written on a plain in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. 

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