Production Tip 2 – Mid Side Eq for Mastering

One technique I always use on my tracks when I’m doing a mastering or even on a normal mix down, it’s called mid side equalisation.

What I will do is make everything under the 200hz frequency spectrum become mono, everything higher then that will be stereo.

It will make the low end sound much more defined, also the mid and high end will automatically feel more fluid and clear.

For this technique I always use Fabfilter Pro-Q2. You can do it with other options like Brainworx plugins, or more but that’s my personal preference.

So here we go:

  1. On the master/output channel add the plugin.
  2. Create a Low Cut -12db at 200hz.
  3. Use a 1 Ratio Q.
  4. Now you have to press the “R” button that is just on the right side of the “scissor” button.
  5. Look down and you will see “Chanel Mode: Left/Right” press that and change it to Mid/Side.

With this done everything on the track that’s under 200hz will be mono, and you’ll get really cool results. I basically been using this technique on every single track from my early days of making music and it has been great.

Hope this tip will help you out on your music production. Remember to subscribe for more studio tips, music industry insights, creative advices and much more…

See you soon, Louie Cut

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