Production Tip 1 – Make your percussion pop out!

Before I started this project, I worked with a Sound Engineer recording and mastering pop and rock bands. We used Pro Tools so it seemed obvious to me that I should work with Logic Pro for my electronic music tracks.

This is the first tip of the Music Production series on this blog.

I normally do my own percussion grooves, I don’t use loops… Normally I load them on Ultrabeat (native from logic) or Battery from Native Instruments. Then i’ll try some cool grooves, see if they fit the track, if the percussion fits I will then start processing the sample with EQ, Compression, Vintage Warmer, Modulation plugins, whatever feels and sounds right…

After all that the samples are sitting already way better in the mix, what I do then is what makes the difference in my tracks. I normally add a Reverb (Space Designer)… I choose a short one, or I go from scratch and I change the decay to very short (till it ends right after the perc, no tail)… Then I will try going up and down with the Wet parameter till I get the level of clarity I want (Just don’t over do it)… I normally then test out how it sounds on my headphones. And voila, your percussion will sound much more clear and it will pop out in the mix. Test it yourself and I assure you, you will get amazing results.

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See you soon, peace,
Louie Cut

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