Going Viral – When The Drop Smashes

I was playing at a music festival near Biron Bay, Australia called Rabbits Eat Lettuce. In the middle of my performance a young guy that was enjoying the music came up on stage to compliment my performance. When he was coming down back to the dance floor he miscalculated his feet and ended up falling from the stage pulling with him the table and all the equipment. He ended up being hit in the head with the heavy equipment, he was unconscious for some seconds. The sound stopped and everyone went to help him firstly by pulling the table that was literally smashing him to the floor. The sound stopped for some minutes, while the stage was being setup again, the “kid” that suffered the fall was taken to the hospital, he ended up breaking his forehead, got some stitches and apparently he came back to the festival in the next day. I was extremely calm, mainly worried if the guy was ok, after the stop I continued my set for 1h more, and everyone says that I totally smashed it.

I had 3 cameras filming the whole set, got everything on camera and when I got back to my country I ended up posting it online, it went viral having more then 2 million views and 17000 shares in just 3 days on my Facebook video. Many of the big blogs like Pioneer, Dj Mag, Vice, The Lad Bible and much more ended up posting the clip too which made it even more viral. The clip was seen on television in countries like Argentina, Mexico, Brasil and more…

Check out the original video here:

If you want to hear the set:

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