“Building Your Own Broadcast”

One way to become successful is to build your own broadcast, step by step, with zero or few marketing involved. It starts with a small reach, a small group of followers that support your work and that will eventually grow. 

Sometimes the artist or creator doesn’t have access to a huge broadcast or a big network that will expose their work to millions of followers.

Like many artists, I wasn’t praised by any major tv channel, or music magazine, I built my career step by step, reaching small numbers of people that would also share my work with others. I was never the Viral Hit “well until April 2018” but that’s another story. What I did in fact was captivate directly my followers, reaching a bigger number with continuous work and much effort. Also by learning thru feedback and statistics what worked with my audience and what did not. 

I always counted on my limited but faithful fan base to push my brand up. 

“The medium is the message” as Marshal McLuhan said once. The internet and it’s social network inhabitants are forces of amplification, extending our messages to a broader audience. 

Written by Louie Cut on a flight from Zurich to Lisbon for the Music Business section of his Online Blog.

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