Some of my initial inspiration to produce music came from my early raver days, I would go to parties every weekend, sometimes during the week too.

Has the creative human being I am, I would often think while listening to a set: “This melody would go well with a women’s vocal, or this bass would fit a more techno oriented track”.

And that’s what happened, like a savvy modern song writer I begun getting inspiration from other artists, blending old themes that I used to love, or even sampling that amazing hook I heard on a music festival.

Like a clever designer, or so many world renowned artists, that’s not stealing, that’s implementing, blending genres and influences.

That blending of styles, that metamorphosis of ideas is what lead me to create what I called “Funky Minimal”. At that time (2009/10) minimal was either too straight, or just plain boring, there was no funk in it… I mixed it with some cool vocal cuts, with that hip hop recognisable vibe. That was a fresh take on something that needed a twist!

Now in 2018 I’m feeling again a urge to change, cause what felt fresh to me, feels now overused, not exciting. In my recent travels I found a lot of cool new music, which lead me to create new projects that I’m gonna share with everyone very soon.

Hope these insights inspire you and remember to come back to the blog, I will make sure to update it every week.

Your’s truly,

Louie Cut

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