“Abandoning Childish Dreams”

Designing for humans means abandoning the idea of a universal formula, that doesn’t exist. We have to accept the chaotic dance between novelty and wonder, to belong and to be unique. What is familiar and what surprises us. 

Modern culture worships the new. There’s a immense social pressure to be aware of the hottest trends, the latest gossip, the recent hits. 

In a age where we have so many options, we get distracted, we don’t focus on a small amount of subjects like before, we are bombarded with millions of songs, artists, books… We look for something familiar. Something that is new but feels like home. 

Remember all this when you are creating, underground today has more reach then something that was considered mainstream some years ago. 

By Louie Cut, Written at Zurich’s airport waiting for a transfer – 18 May 2018 

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